About SMAJ

The Egyptian judicial and legal system is facing challenges related to the slow pace and quality of the service provided to litigants. Based on this common analysis, the Egyptian Ministry of Justice and the European Union decided to work together in order to tackle functional and technical shortcomings which undermine the administration of justice. The European project Support to the Modernization of the Administration of Justice (SMAJ) project has been designed to achieve this ambitious goal.

SMAJ provides support to the Egyptian Ministry of Justice and institutional bodies in charge of dispensing justice in the establishment of a long-term strategy to reform and modernize their own internal processes, with a view to reducing case backlog and increasing the quality of justice decisions. Parallel work is done on promoting a more organized and extended juvenile justice system based on international and EU standards.

Practically speaking, SMAJ consists in 5 work packages working on the functional and technical improvement of:
  • The Ministry of Justice and its main Departments, as well as the court system (Component 1)
  • The National Center for Judiciary Studies (Component 2)
  • The Court of Cassation (Component 3)
  • The Judicial Information Center (Component 4)
  • Juvenile courts system (Component 5)

SMAJ addresses the needs of these counterparts by upgrading the use of effective case management techniques, contributing to the computerization of some procedures, helping with the nonstructuration of a Training of Trainers’ program for judiciary studies, implementing modern archiving systems, elaborating workload distribution plans, etc.

With a 9 million budget, SMAJ started in December 2014 and will last 4 years.